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Here are pictures of some of my scrapbook pages.

April 20th, 2008 -

I really am going to add more scrapbook pages.  Honest.


Sept 11th Memorial section
black & white photos I took early that morning
This is the first page of my 9-11 memorial scrapbook

Sept 11th, page 2
photos taken from the internet
I cut and pasted a timeline into MS Publisher and used it as a sidebar on each page.

I have discovered a wonderful advantage to my digital camera - it is going to make it a LOT easier to take pictures of scrapbook pages for my web site!  The pages didn't fit on my scanner, so I was relying on taking good photos and having them developed, and it seemed like a waste of film...  no more!  I may prefer the scanner for my beadwork and journal pages, but for the scrapbook pages the camera works wonderfully!

I used chalks to extend this photo from the park Dave took me to in FL

ladybug totem for all the kids in my life!

from Sept 1993 when Ian and I moved to St. Pete
Another page from my "FU" scrapbook section. :-)
they were out of pumpkins, so Ian carved a gourd
Pictures of the T-Bird after the wreck in St. Pete
Christmas 2000
Isn't James Allen funny?
Utilizing a sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper with snowglobes

Christmas 2000
not enough journalling!
I haven't quite finished this spread

The other half of the spread
again, a lack of journalling
I don't have 2001 or 2002 started yet! I think those years are both digital.

totem link